Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Kayak Paradise

      The last day my friends were here we decided to go on a morning kayak adventure.
The water was sparkling, the breeze was refreshing and sky was so beautiful.
I was brave enough to take my camera with me on my kayak to document our little trip around the lake, though I was a bit scared something could happen (I mean if I tip its over for the camera and that basically means my life is over...) but I actually don't regret it because of how these photos turned out.

Next on my wish list is a waterproof case for my camera, especially since I live on a lake, duh.

Our little Pal with two different color eyes we met on our way home. (I thought he was going to take a dive into my kayak)

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Retreat Weekend 2016

A few of my best friends came for a visit this past weekend. We spent our time floating in the lake, stuffing our faces with Swensons and Pavs amongst the endless supply of snacks and zucchini bread, and really took the time to catch up, laugh, smile, reminisce on our past memories as well as plan for more memories in the future. I only wish I took more pictures.....

Target has the best food shaped floats!! 

To be continued.....

Sincerely, the bun-bunzzz

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